Tanzanian Food safari

When you see a mini tornado upon touch down you know you are in for something exciting.

Usually, penning down the food experiences of a country is the last part of my blogging journey, but with my Kilimanjaro trip, I have to mention this first for obvious reasons.

While booking a 3 days trip with the local tour company “Rock Explorers Tours” I expressed my interest to explore the local dishes along with the “Safari” itinerary which included the national parks, accommodation, etc. and completely forgot all about it.

The day I arrived, George (the owner of Rock Explorers) had made some arrangements beforehand and wanted to know if I was up to try the local dishes in Arusha (the town I was based in for the 1st night). Quickly he realized I was born ready for such activities. Tanzanian food safari thus begins.

It was time for dinner and we started off by strolling along the narrow streets to visit a small restaurant run by a Muslim family where they served the most authentic rice and beans. It was important, to begin with, the African staple because I truly believe that the soul of the country rests in its food.

A wholesome authentic African staple on a plate

After eating to my stomach’s content, but not my heart’s we continued walking. The simplicity of African food is what made it so wholesome I guess. So next on the menu was the famous Zanzibar pizza.

Detailed video will follow 😉
Vitumbua-Sweetened rice and coconut balls-Best enjoyed with tea.

I couldn’t stop myself marveling at the similarities of these dishes with Southern Indian dishes like the Veechu Porotta and Kuzhi Paniyaram or the Roti-Prata of Malaysia and Singapore. Talk about a small world!

The Grill street

We walked another few yards and reached this barbecue heaven. Obviously, this was a happy place. My kinda place. Different African party music blaring from various stalls and smoke from the grills set the scene. Happy people drinking, eating, sharing and talking their minds out. It was confusing as to where to begin.

Nyama Choma is all about the slow cooked simplicity
Ndizi Kaanga or Fried Bananas/Plantains a dish you will see almost everywhere
This Sausage was simply mind-blowing with all those amazing spices. The red dipping sauce was super spicy and had a sharp tanginess to it. These paired beautifully.
And the local lager to wash all those flavorsome delicacies.

Once a wise man told me, ” if you can’t climb Kilimanjaro – DRINK IT! “

And here’s that wise man 😛 😀

The upcoming posts will contain actual LIVE animals and not just the ones on my plate. Trust me.

Here’s the video

Edit credit goes to none other than Bharathy Hareesh