Island hopping

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the best beach destinations in India. If you are into island hopping, look no further. I found these islands serene and charming, where each beach has its own character and stories.

Island 1 – Port Blair

Beach – Corbyn’s Cove Beach

This is one of those beaches you have to pay a customary visit. (Did I mention we were on a guided tour so there was no way we were going to miss any popular tourist spots.) I was not overly impressed with this one as it was crowded and too touristy. That being said it is a small, decently maintained- family friendly beach.

Low tide

Palm-fringed, soft sandy beach with tiny rocks

Beach volleyball – as sexy as it can get 🙂

The drive to reach this beach was the most interesting part and that covers Port Blair.

A short ferry ride to

Island 2 – Havelock Islands

Beach – Kala Pathar

Completely different to the previous one, this the kinda beach you visit to sit on the super soft white sand and do nothing 🙂 Pure bliss!!


Kala pathar = Black stone/rock .But where are they? Who cares when you have such pristine, picturesque beach.

Beach – Radhanagar

This beach is considered as one of top 10 beaches in the world (I wonder who decides all the ratings and based on what parameters?) To me it is a good beach and that’s about it. Probably after a visit to Kalapathar I got my hopes high and expected a bit too much.

Being so overhyped, as expected we had an overload of tourists and honeymooners. A good beach for swimming and to have some splash with kids.

Stages of life

Do check out the below gallery for few more shots