Rowing through the Ganges

Rowing through Ganges was something that almost everyone recommended me during the whole trip.

The boatman Ramlakhan offered me two options. One- a speed boat to cover the whole stretch of the Varanasi ghats in 1 hr or the traditional rowboat which would take 4 to 5 hrs to cover the same distance.

I opted for the second, but with just 30 mins in hand to spare I requested him to take me around AdiKeshav ghat.

He makes it look so simple and effort less to row

With my little experience in this dept, I know for a fact that rowing such a massive boat is not an easy task, however Ram did it with such ease. I wanted to give it go and he was more than happy to swap the seats.

Pic courtesy: Ram 🙂

And yes! I was right.It was tougher than I expected it to be. The boat didn’t move an inch forward and was slowly revolving in the same spot. Ram had a genuine chuckle. I left it to the pro. While he was gliding through the deep waters of Ganges I immersed myself in the tranquility the holy river has to offer.

Safety in numbers? I am not so convinced

Group of people travelling to celebrate Maha shivrathri.

It is not if you get there, but how you do so?

These boats had something in them which I find hard to explain