The Generations

Food is one of the most important thing I look forward to where-ever I travel(especially  street food).While traveling through Kashmir/ Leh Ladakh region we were stopping at  Dhabas ( road side eateries) for refreshments. During these 10 days we had a good selection of Kashmiri, Punjabi and Tibetan delicacies ( I will try post those pics in a different post)


This post I am dedicating to these wonderful people belonging to a small restaurant located on-route  Tsomoriri from Ladakh. We were actually on our way to see the Hot springs,and stopped over for a meal.  I was carrying my camera to take some food shots,  when the wonderful lady asked me if I would take some pics of her grand kids. I love shooting portraits ( I know you guys knew that already). I was  super thrilled and started shooting.




They had this big smile 🙂 when I showed them the  photos .Simple things can bring so much joy. I have to admit the food was so fresh and flavor full, the momos were outstanding  with the chilly chutney.It wasn’t just us,but the baby and her big brother seemed to enjoy it equally.