The team

It all started with one simple question “Hey! why don’t you start a domain/website on your own?!” by my friend Ravi. That’s all it took. Now looking back after almost 7 years I have managed to log 100 posts which is a milestone & an achievement for a guy who is passionate about photography.
This wouldn’t have happened without the 100% support of two important people
The master mind! who has always encouraged me to start and do something which I haven’t done before. He being a tech geek keeps me up to date with the latest trend in the world of web design and blogging even with his damn busy schedule.
The editor & 1st hand critic, who makes sure my writing makes sense to you all. And helps me to find the right words even with a hectic routine of taking care of 3 kids.

This post is to thank the team and all the friends and family who has been a great support.