Karismatic Krabi

There are options to travel around Koh Lanta like hiring a bike, using tuk-tuks or Songthaews.  The plan was to check out a little night market in Koh Lanta to get a few souvenirs back home. So we chose the Tuk-Tuk a.k.a the Motorbike Taxi. The kids loved it!

The locals have really put in an effort to decorate these, and oh..were they attractive! From little disco lights for the Party-goers to cartoon characters cute enough to attract kids, they came in every color possible. We had a tough decision to make. So we went for Garfield and later a Minion to get back to the resort.


As every holiday must eventually come to an end, so did our beautiful stay at Koh Lanta. Since we had a morning flight back home from Krabi International Airport and with all the bus-ferry-bus confusion we decided to check out a day in advance and enjoy Krabi for a day. To our luck,(good or bad, is up to you to decide) we were unaware that there was a music festival –Songkaran happening right outside the hotel that we had booked. But the decision was made to absorb the essence of Krabi the way it was and off we went.

Needless to say, Krabi was just like any other city during the day. Traffic jams, vehicles with their emissions, and the other add-ons of a proper city. At night, it was one big party place…at least where we stayed it was. About 5 mins away from our hotel was the Krabi Night Market.BINGO :)We made our way there around 6.30 in the evening. It was crowded, with food stalls to our right and things ranging from clothes, accessories, toys and everything else to our left. The chef in me was getting all excited and the first thing on the menu was fried bugs. Exciting eh? But there is another post coming out dedicated to food, so watch out for that.

So, enjoy the photos. Here’s Krabi through my eyes here in this gallery.

Most of the shots are made in such circumstance

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