Pursuit of happiness – The conclusion.

I decided to go to the same spot the next  day hoping to see the parrot once again and to my surprise he showed up and helped me conclude the story. I was lucky enough to witness one of the cutest encounters in the jungle.

Chapter 2

Pursuit of happiness – The conclusion

Mr. Parrot was flying and looking around relentlessly

Didn’t spare a single tree until that moment

There she was! Preening, minding her own business. That instant he knew for sure  that the search was over.

He couldn’t fly anymore. It was as if his feathers were glued, bells began ringing, the world seemed to freeze. Everything looked beautiful. It was love at first sight.

She had a lovely aura which no way under the sun  Mr. Parrot could’ve overlooked. She was simply stunning.

He started weaving plans to woo her as there was no other choice.

Let me fly by and grab her attention.

She didn’t seem  interested and paid no attention.

Ok, flying around certainly didn’t work. Switching to PLAN-B.

Hi! there..ermm…  Hello!……..I, Me, How are..

Mr. Parrot was fluttering, hesitant, nervous and looked like he has lost all the words. It was nerve wrecking.

No, she is going to reject me. I can’t look at her eyes.

With all the adrenaline rush,the fear of losing her was obvious. Love was not easy as he thought. He had to gather the confidence and bounce back.

Hi, I am Mr. Parrot. Naam toh suna hoga?!
The name is  Parrot     Mr. Parrot!

These lines works like charm every time. She was helpless and no way she had the will to say no or reject Mr. Parrot.

First Kiss.

Love filled the air and nothing seem to bother the couple anymore.


They flew around like no tomorrow enjoying each other’s company

Feeling the comfort

I could hear all the romantic songs in the background 🙂

It was just perfect. Love!

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

If Sir David Attenborough has to narrate this story- his closing statement would probably be –

” There are so many more stories happening this very moment in these jungles (pause) which remain unseen.”