Since Neil Island won the award for being my most favourite Island, the beaches deserve one more post. Hiring a two-wheeler was the best decision and it came very handily to explore the little island.

Beach: Sitapur beach

We were told Sitapur beach is well known for sunrise, and when the locals recommend something one shouldn’t think twice. The beach was around 20 minutes away from the hotel and we(that’s me and reached on time to explore a bit before the sunrise.

The landscape kept transforming every minute and the light kept changing.

50 shades of green

Here comes the sun

When we were almost done a local walked towards us and asked if we had seen the cave. I was like A cave.. what cave?! He volunteered and took me to the spot.

The cave and the guide

The island and the Islanders kept us pleasantly surprised at all the time.

Here are some bonus shots from Havelock  (Actually, I forgot to add them earlier)

Humidity creating a natural filter on the lens

Life as seen through a dead tree