Sunbird of Vedanthangal.

Recently I had a chance to visit Vedanthangal, one of THE famous bird sanctuaries in India (they said it was popular even well before the British rule.)
Actually March is not the ideal time to visit- the rain fed lake was 98% dried off hence less migratory birds, usually the season is from October to January. The officials warned me before getting the entry tickets with the number of birds. As I was already there, thought will give it a shot and I was lucky enough spot a few.
This time I am aiming to make series of these beautiful different species of birds, let me start with this amazing
Purple-rumped Sunbird
Though it was fun sitting & waiting in one place for them to appear with in my reach, this little birdie is really shy and fast somehow they always find a perfect spot between the branches giving near zero opportunity to focus.Had a tough time shooting them.
The flowers from which they feed nectar had a strong & amazing aroma which transformed my frustrating wait to more pleasant, calming & a therapeutic experience. I had to admit it really helped me to stay focus and patient 🙂