10 Things you tend to do when your web site is being hacked

When your host sends an intimation email you think…. Yeah RRRRRight. Strangely this email will crack you up so much you will start rolling on the floor laughing
2.Forget it
You continue with your routine completely forgetting about the severity
forget it
3.Face palm
When you sit down to draft a post and try opening the admin page
Suddenly you get the flashes of the warning emails, update emails etc. Bear in mind at this stage you start to think who ever has hacked your site is selling Viagra and other kinky stuffs at your cost
You keep asking yourself “why me” “why this web site..It’s just another personal site for God’s sake”
6.Shoot emails
As an act of mere helplessness-you start shooting emails to WordPress, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Antivirus companies asking how on earth can they let this happen to your site and WAIT.
You will not be shocked by any of the responses from these companies as there will be none, but you will be definitely stunned by the price quoted by this clean up companies who offers to close the “back doors” etc Plus when your wife says “NAAHH don’t waste any more time and money when you are the only person who looks at this website anyways”
8.Ask around
You start asking each & every person you bump in to if they know anyone who can fix this… that’s when most people become conscious that you have a website.
ask around
It’s been a week and no light at the end of the tunnel.. You will think the culprits have used your site for anti social activities & the secret agents are behind you monitoring each and every move, phones tapped etc
The feeling when that friend says “Yevalavo pannitom itha panna mattomaa!!!” – Roughly translates as “no worries dude… will take care of it”

P; S
Hello Mr. Hacker (if you are reading this)
You seem to know a great deal about web sites and stuff why can’t you put the knowledge & expertise in building something than destroying? Try it.