Rock flower

This shot was taken when we got a chance to explore little bit of the rocky roads by foot while waiting for the road to clear from a massive land slide on the way to Ladakh from Sonmarg. Whenever I see one these sites it reassures me there is always a hope no matter what happens.

After seeing this in flickr Popeyee  (who’s one of  the photographers I always look up to when in need of inspirations ) mentioned the below

“There is so much to be learned from that plant. In the midst of so much adversity, this little flower has stayed strong and not just survived, but has flourished and blossomed to such a beauty.”

I used a Canon 450D camera with EF 70-200 L USM lens.

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  1. Here is what my friend Gemcy said-it would be great if it has the right and left hand pointers/arrows.. if I am clicking a header – say 'blog' and opening a picture – 'rock flower', I it gets enlarged, that's cool.. but if I want to see the rest of teh pictures in teh 'blog' I need to click the back button and see them.. instead of going back, if there is a 'right arrow', it would have been so much better..
    from a user perspective.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Gemcy, Now I have updated the post where you can view them as full screen slideshow without any interruption 🙂 also we have a small PINK arrow at the bottom of every blog post for you to navigate to the next post

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