Penned by – Bharathy Hareesh

    Signani city wall

So as the journey continues, our guide turns around, looks at us and announces ‘Now we are off to SIGNANI or as we call it “The City of Love”. Lol, there, that had done it. We immediately held hands and beamed at each other. Once the rush died down, I had to ask, why do you call it that?

Now as the Kajol in me hummed DDLJ (one of the best Bollywood movies ever made in my opinion) songs deep within, we honestly expected a grand story of Georgia’s very own Heer-Raanjha/Romeo-Juliet.This is what years of watching romantic songs of actors dancing around trees in the snow with the heroine clad in a  see-through chiffon sarees does to your system. It imprints in to your very DNA.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when she said,”Oh, Its nothing, There is a 24 hrs wedding house if one chooses to get married no matter what time”. After that… there was complete silence in the car and our minds.

Beautiful Borjomi

But let me tell you my interpretation of the title…Its called The City of Love, because it makes you fall in love with it.Head over heels. Just the sheer natural beauty of the place, the massive stone walls, the cobbled streets.It feels like not only the weather but even time has frozen down.

I could walk all day long in these streets overlooking Alazani Valley

Monument to Solomon Dodashvili the famous Georgian philosopher.

St. Stephens Church

Sighnaghi/Signani is locatedvhigh on a hill, with views of the Alazani Valley and the Georgian Caucasus.It is surrounded by a four-kilometre defensive wall with 23 towers and six gates.  It’s like a mini Great Wall Of China.