The Wild game

It was not just another day at the Ngorongoro national park field.

It was “GAME DAY“.

The most awaited game of the season -The African Buffalos Vs The Roaring Lions. The teams were ready after a long day of warm-ups. Umpire Mr. Wildebeest was there to ensure they follow the rules.

Exactly 6 players on each team
The team captains introduced each other to the umpire and went to their respective positions

The Beginning

The Buffalos won the toss and went charging first
The Lions displayed an outstanding positioning in the field. Which left the Buffalos to think for a minute
After a brief moment, the Buffalos did what they are good at. As expected they charged yet again in full force. This decimated the positioning of the Lions. This was a crucial point and a clever move from the Buffalos.
The attack continued and the Lions struggled to withstand.

The Turning point

But, the struggle was not for long. The Lions regrouped and went defense.
This left the Buffalos with no option but to retrieve
That’s the end of Round 1.
The Buffalos 1 – The Lions 0
After a tiring round:1 umpire had to take a drinks break

The Anticlimax

The Buffalos decided to take a long break
So did The Lions

I guess at this point it was fair to say, we had witnessed some nail-biting moments and a spectacular display of sportsmanship from both the teams. Even though there was no clear winner in this particular game but the Wild game won all our hearts.

It’s me signing off from the Ngorongoro national park sports field until the next big game.