Banarasi paan

Banaras is popular for many things but Paan is synonymous to this place as cheesecake to New York or maple syrup to Canada..There is no street without a paan stall. … Read More

The tree temple

From a distance this tree reminded me of  the “Hometree” from the movie Avatar. Just one massive tree in the middle of the field. I took a slight detour to explore further and … Read More

The wedding band

When you are walking through the streets of Banaras you  have to be prepared for all sorts of surprises. I was heading towards Dashashvamedh ghat to witness the famous Ganga … Read More

Around the confluence of Varuna and Ganges

The trip to one of  the world’s oldest cities was really special in many ways. In general I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly vibe that the city had to offer.  

Dhaka by the night

Had an opportunity to experience the streets of Dhaka with some local friends who helped me find the hidden gems of the capital which would have been impossible to spot … Read More

Back to square one

By the way I am in to Instagram (yep..Another portal to share photos) I know some of you must be thinking “dude… come on, seriously? Welcome to 2010- keep up … Read More

Taksim Square, Istanbul.

Here I have few shots from a short trip to Istanbul(mostly Taksim square). Let me start with the view from the top floor of Ottoman Palace hotel during breakfast and … Read More

Gastronomique Adventures

Travelling to exotic/remote places gives me a great insight on how the local people cook with bare minimum retaining the wholesome flavour of the ingredients they use. Being a chef … Read More


Here I have presented some portraits of the local people whom we came cross during our Ladakh trip. The people in this region seems to be more spiritual (buddhism) than any one else … Read More

The Generations

Food is one of the most important thing I look forward to where-ever I travel(especially  street food).While traveling through Kashmir/ Leh Ladakh region we were stopping at  Dhabas ( road … Read More