The pursuit of a perfect home

Staying put at one place for hours in the woods observing the surroundings is always a rewarding experience. This makes me realize why Japanese celebrate Hanami.

Again, the nature proved the theory of “great things happens when you least expect” right. I happened to enjoy an interesting interaction between two different birds and the below story unfolded-

The pursuit of a perfect home

To-let / for sale

This must be the hottest property in the woods and two potential buyers had their eye on it. And it was the open day

Mr. Parrot


Mr. Myna

Mr. Myna decided to do the viewing first

Let me check out the interiors

Ok, it looks pretty spacious

After patiently waiting it was Mr. Parrot’s turn

Can I go now?

It’s been a long wait

Oh look they do have a massive living room

Yep, all good.

Then they had a tough negotiation

The negotiation went on for few minutes

No contracts were signed. They just shook their feathers and agreed to the gentlemen’s agreement. There has to be only one winner and here we have one. Mr. Parrot didn’t waste a single minute to move in.

Home sweet HOME!

Even after finding the perfect home, Mr. Parrot was missing something, he was restless and started his search.

in search of that missing piece in his life

To be continued..

Chapter 2