The idea of getting to taste anything extremely fresh excites me.(A little bit of Andrew Zimmern exists in everybody i guess ). So while I was busy minding my own business on an official trip in Istanbul this winter,I definitely didn’t expect to come across this exotic fruit “Persimmons“. Apparently this is one of the famous fruits in Turkey .The locals call it trabzon hurması and the season is between October and December ( talk about being at right place and at the right time 🙂 ) When I saw the man filling the bucket with this freshly harvested persimmons I couldn’t wait to taste it.


I have tried persimmons before.Well,it was “OK” & nothing extra ordinary. But WOAH!nothing close to this- super ripe freshly hand picked from the tree.This was way different to what I have eaten before.The moment I tasted these the NPD chef inside of me woke up.I wanted to use it in some of my recipes. I will be experimenting with these soon for sure (and HOPING,seriously hoping to find similar quality fruit in Kuwait).

The below are some quick shots before it all magically disappeared ;).Oh yeah!it did….a flick of a wand..that is all it took 🙂