Macro photography is something I haven’t tried till date.

Today I wanted to try and make it a fun activity with my 4 year old daughter. We had some good fun.

Here I have displayed few of them. I will be doing this again to get the sharpness right.

This is what the little one managed to click other than my funny face 😉



Technical/Equipment details are as follows


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8 Comments on “Macro”

    1. Yep u r right Lito,getting the right sharpness with a extension tube is really tough ( i was kinda aware about the sharpness/ clarity it is not there 100% & thought i can get away with it as i wanted to create a abstract/ dreamy effect) …Mostly i believe the in one technique that is "repeated attempts" 🙂 sure i need more practice

  1. Hareesh Padmanabhan, I have a different feeling that all the images are a bit out of focus. In a macro shot, at least one single spot shall be in focus and sharp. The remaining can be soothe. Please provide exif for ore understanding, including tripod / click release etc etc.. 🙂

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