Marina Bay Sands

The Sky park @ Marina bay sands was one of the specific locations I wanted to visit in Singapore. I was dreaming for a warm day with fluffy clouds, sun setting on the horizon, to do a time-lapse of the cityscape in the night etc.
But nature had something else in store, plus I was travelling with family. Do I have to elaborate?
As soon as I woke up all happy and excited it started to drizzle.
I was gutted.
We hoped that the sky would clear out eventually by the time we reached. But it didn’t. You know that feeling when you have spent so much time on planning, convincing family to go there and the money? You take the camera out the bag and it starts to rain again..
I was like GOD…WHY… Why me… why now??
I just got a window of 20 minutes maximum with the Mrs in back ground and her nonstop commentary “Come on lets go it’s raining!”.”Yeah..Just one last photo”.. Can only last so long.
So anyways..Even with the rain the view was spectacular. Apart from the CBD skyline one can also see an eagle’s eye view of Gardens by the bay, Singapore flyer and the City hall. The overcast gloomy skies had their own charm and beauty.

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