Beirut, Lebanon.

Even though it was just a day in Beirut, I had the most amazing time- the place, the people, the food everything was just perfect. I would like to visit again DEFINITELY. Thanks to my good friend Joe who made it happen.

As always I tried to bring some essence of the beautiful place here .. have a look & let me know your thoughts

And sorry I don’t have any food shots as I gobbled it the moment it hit the table…. all I can say is it was Y.U.M!


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2 Comments on “Beirut, Lebanon.”

  1. Hareesh! Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments. I love the peaceful mood of these images. You invite us to enjoy a quiet moment. I’ve been following Your’s work for some time… a great inspiration!

  2. It was a pleasure Hareesh! Thanks to you and your humble personality. I had a great and unexpected time! I loved the pictures from your eyes! See you soon ya? 🙂

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