Getting closer to Gunung Gede

It was not just the grand landscapeĀ that was fascinating at Gunung Gede, but where ever we stopped for a break there were plenty of interesting subjects to be photographed. I … Read More

Dream series

I am loving this genre and trying to explore the inner beauty which is being often over looked.. šŸ™‚


There’s lot of discussions about pollination these days and in its importance for us sustain etc. We are fortunate enough to be in a world with bees around. It is … Read More

Ants life

After spending days gazing the skies thought of taking a break and decided to go intimate and explore the little things around me. I was really fascinated by this ant … Read More


Macro photography is something IĀ haven’t tried till date. Today I wanted to try and make it a fun activity with my 4 year old daughter. We had some good fun. … Read More