The 5 P’s you should remember whilst travelling with a young family

Let me start this post by an epic collage created by my friend about my recent vacation – inspiration for this post 🙂
the epic collage
So you love travelling and have a young family with a wife, a toddler and a 5 year old. Let me tell you something in this scenario you are better off NOT travelling.
Looks like you have made up your mind and decided to take one of the biggest risks in life.
As a person who has faced the consequences of that risk here are my simple pointers you should consider.
The FIVE “P’’s
1. Prioritize
Set your priorities right. Meaning you do not have any priorities but your family – PERIOD.
2. Prepare
Do your homework.
The places you visit should be buggy/ push chair friendly, it should have a feeding room, changing room, locker room, cafeteria that should provide you warm water/milk. Even if one of these things is missing consider skipping it. I should also warn you if any of the above facilities was out of order or temporally unavailable that’s your mistake.
3. Plan
Planning is everything.
Meaning you should be able to predict and be ready for the things which are beyond your control like the rain, sun, wind, low tide, high tide, tsunami, hurricane etc. If it rains when you tell them it’s going to be sunny day Bro! You are doomed.
4. Pack light
If you are planning to pack all your photography gear, tripod etc.. DON’T BOTHER.
Most of the time you will be holding your baby whose bored(?) sitting in the buggy all the time, chasing him, feeding him or pushing that buggy. Make sure you have decent camera phone if luck is on your side you might get a chance shoot some quick shots.
5. Pray
Literally! If you want to hear something like this after 3 days of running around during the trip “we are tired, don’t want to go anywhere tomorrow, if you want sightseeing go on your own”
Ok! now that you heard it, you have to follow these instructions to a T
Don’t demonstrate any symptoms which showcases your excitement (I know that’s tough)
 Ask for confirmation like you need them badly (be careful and do not over do)
 Don’t make any plans in front of the family (maintain a poker face until you really get out of the door)

(Bonus P) Patience
I am sure if you are family man you would already have this quality but when travelling you might have to double the patience level.
If you keep your (personal) expectations closer to zero you will really enjoy the trip.
Have fun; keep that baby well fed and happy travelling.

merry gocomodos