The tree temple

The path

From a distance this tree reminded me of  the “Hometree” from the movie Avatar. Just one massive tree in the middle of the field. I took a slight detour to explore further and found out that this tree is a temple – Sita Mandir. So my initial instinct was right.The only difference was this hometree served a similar purpose as in the movie but the location was Varanasi and not Pandora. And also there were only humans here and not Navis 😛

Hometree or Sita Mandir

The grand entrance


Offerings and decorations from a previous festival

The presiding deity- goddess Sita

Not sure of the purpose of this jute mat but it had an interesting pattern

The Tsahìk, or spiritual leader of the Omaticaya clan – male version of Mo’at .. errm I mean the Baba of this temple

While talking to him, this baba revealed that even his great grandfather couldn’t tell since when this tree has been in this place and when it was converted in to a temple. So I guess it’s something we would never know.