Mist Falls Trail

Mist Falls is one of the larger (if not the largest) waterfalls in Kings Canyon National Park.

The gorgeous Mist fall trail starts at Roads end ranger station and it remains flat for around 2 miles or so.

Looking for company

And he found it

Within the 1st mile, we were greeted by a grizzly.Soon after they were not one but two chasing each other. When we were trying capture the action, another co-hiker/dad slightly panicked and made some loud noise to scare them away as he had his young son with him. He did apologize for spoiling our photo opportunity.

Continued hiking through the thick forest of Cedar groves.This  was truly an experience on its own where the gigantic trees dominate everything around us.

The Kings River


The trail runs along the King river which was gushing with whitewater and spectacular views all around.

As the trail started to elevate the view changed and all we saw was the majestic Sphinx Crest mountains.

Mist is in the air

We hiked through the granite to reach the falls. After a hike of almost 2 hrs, we spent around 45 mins trying to capture all that overwhelming beauty around us. And the result is right here for you guys to enjoy.

Even on our way back, the grizzly blocked the way to say goodbye.