Nairobi National Park

Here is a collection of shots from Nairobi national park. If you are expecting for up close wildlife pictures you are going to be disappointed as this whole series was shot using a 28-70mm lens.

We started the drive around 5 am to catch some action hoping to see the BIG 5 except the elephants.

Drove around for 2 hrs and we spotted a lot of zebras, impalas, gazelles, giraffes, couple of foxes, ostriches, and a hippo, rhino, vulture and of course a couple of lions.

The beginning

First rays

Sun rise

Early birds

Moon lit

Vulture and the little bird

Zebras grazing

Synchronized Coke’s hartebeest

Giraffes crossing

With Nairobi cityscape


Foxes camouflaged

There is a Rhino

Can you spot the lion?

On the run

Grass lands

The iconic trees of Africa

Cape buffalos