Gorgeous Georgia

Penned by Bharathy Hareesh I wouldn’t say I am an impulsive person, but sometimes we do need to step out of the comfort zone. One such impulsive decision was a … Read More

Camels crossing at Wadi darbat, Oman

When we were at Wadi Darbat, Oman -badly looking for some sort of excitement since weather and scenery were dry and lifeless from nowhere a herd of camels showed up on the … Read More

Salalah, Oman

Ah!Salalah-spectacular, splendid Salalah :)One of the places we would like to visit once more…and maybe more, and more. Oman is considered as the oasis of the Middle East for obvious reasons. … Read More


Since Neil Island won the award for being my most favourite Island, the beaches deserve one more post. Hiring a two-wheeler was the best decision and it came very handily to … Read More

Island hopping Part 2

ISLAND 3 – Neil Island This is my favourite island of all, by far the best in my opinion. If you are looking for a quiet get away from all … Read More

Island hopping

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the best beach destinations in India. If you are into island hopping, look no further. I found these islands serene and charming, where … Read More

Getting closer to Gunung Gede

It was not just the grand landscape that was fascinating at Gunung Gede, but where ever we stopped for a break there were plenty of interesting subjects to be photographed. I … Read More

Hike up Gunung Gede

When you wake up to this view after a long wonderful journey, one couldn’t have asked for a better start. As planned the local guide Kaman arrived at the tent … Read More

Jakarta to Cibodas

I had about 3 mountains in my list to hike in Indonesia during the 5 days visit. As always, I wanted to get a local opinion and the best possible … Read More

Hike up to Table mountain

No  visit to Cape Town is complete without a visit to Table Mountain. There is more than one way to reach the summit including a cozy cable car. I chose … Read More