Souq Waqif Royal Stable

There is something about horses I can’t explain. I just love their elegance, gracefulness and the immense power. Qatar is well known for Arabian horses as they have played an … Read More

Water resources of Nepal

‘If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in the water’ said a wise person once. How true right? In this context, Nepal is extremely magical. A tiny mountainous country Nepal is … Read More

Temples of Nepal

Nepal is also known for its architectural legacy which was obvious where ever I turned. In Nepal, most of these centuries-old buildings including the majestic ‘Darbar squares’ were damaged during … Read More

Nepal and its people

Even though Nepal is considered trekkers paradise this series will not include any trekking. Simply because I haven’t done any. (And also because it was a family trip ) Visiting … Read More

In and around California

This series is a compilation of shots made during the road trip around California. Here are other links from the series Landscapes in monochrome Mono Lake Mist Falls Trail    

Mono Lake

The journey to reach Mono lake also known as “Triple water” lake was a dramatic experience on its own. The plan was to photograph the famous Tufa of this amazing saltwater lake. … Read More

Pacheco State Park

This breathtaking Pacheco State Park officially marks the start of my not-so-recent USA series 🙂 Instead of my usual narrative approach, I shall let the photos talk for themselves this time.  

Authentic Baati Chokha

In Varanasi, Baati Chokha is considered one of the staple foods with a  cultural significance. It’s been a year since I visited Varanasi and this experience will remain close to … Read More

The Little Yellow Bakehouse

Usually, I would post such articles/pictures in B&W. But this charming little bakehouse had to be in colour as it has an amazing synchronisation of primary colours. (You must have read … Read More


Penned by – Bharathy Hareesh Signani city wall So as the journey continues, our guide turns around, looks at us and announces ‘Now we are off to SIGNANI or as … Read More