Souq Waqif Royal Stable

There is something about horses I can’t explain. I just love their elegance, gracefulness and the immense power.

Qatar is well known for Arabian horses as they have played an important role in the country’s history.  Souq Waqif Royal Stable is one of the main attractions where the tradition of equestrian excellence has been proudly presented to the general public. I have visited this stable many times in this last 2 years spending evenings just staring at these beautiful beasts. Also to see the heritage police embark on their daily ride through the Souq- a spectacle on its own, tradition which has been carried out for years. Few of those shots you might have noticed in my Instagram feed.

The day I made the below pictures was different. I happened to be there early morning where there was less distraction, sunlight was just perfect and above all the horses were in full energy.

Behind the scenes:

You have to develop a chemistry with your model. Pic Courtesy- Girish.