Olive bread – Bredz.


Recently I visited Bredz located at Souq sharq, Kuwait. The decor was really inviting and the service was spot on. The bread selection was awesome and full of flavour.

I couldn’t resist myself so decided to try the Black olive bread which was simply awesome it brought back all the good old memories. We finished whole loaf in a jiffy, even our little one enjoyed a lot 🙂

Will be visiting them again, again and again.

Me & My wife love these rustic/old fashioned breads when we used work for The Bread Factory, London. Working there gave me a chance to explore and enjoy each and every variety and that’s when my notion of  “breads are only when you have fever” changed. Now a days I love breads & I do quiet a lot of experiments with natural yeast, slow proofing etc will post some experimental results and recipes of ciabatta sticks and Apple sour dough soon.