The team

It all started with one simple question "Hey! why don't you start a domain/website on your own?!" by my friend Ravi. That's all it took. Now looking back after almost ... Read More

The Wild game

One of the wildest game days of Ngorongoro national parks’s history

Authentic Baati Chokha

In Varanasi, Baati Chokha is considered one of the staple foods with a  cultural significance. It’s been a year since I visited Varanasi and this experience will remain close to … Read More


Bakuriani: Ta-da!The Kohinoor of our trip 🙂 Since the roads to Gudauri the other famous ski resort was closed due to heavy snowfall, we chose to visit Bakuriani. Bakuriani is … Read More

Gorgeous Georgia

Penned by Bharathy Hareesh I wouldn’t say I am an impulsive person, but sometimes we do need to step out of the comfort zone. One such impulsive decision was a … Read More

Hike up Gunung Gede

When you wake up to this view after a long wonderful journey, one couldn’t have asked for a better start. As planned the local guide Kaman arrived at the tent … Read More

The wedding catering

After interacting with the band I walked towards the busiest corner of the ground with the biggest possible smile. A make shift kitchen. I was in my comfort zone. This was it! The … Read More