Ta-da!The Kohinoor of our trip ­čÖé
Since the roads to Gudauri the other famous ski resort was closed due to heavy snowfall, we chose to visit Bakuriani.
Bakuriani is a skiing resort in the Borjomi district of Georgia. It is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti range, at an elevation of 1,700 meters (5,576 feet) above sea level.
As we stepped out of the car, the temperature was -8 degrees celcius. Literally freezing eh? We opted to try our hands at some snowmobile adventure.What fun! ­čÖé
We stared at the slopes with hot chocolate in our hands at hundreds of skiers in action. From kids to adults, professionals that made it look like gliding on butter to amateurs falling down with a thud. Everyone was having fun and so were we.

The day came to an end with heavy snowfall as we checked in to a very cosy room and made ourselves warm with Cha-cha and yet another Georgian speciality Khinkali (steamed dumplings very similar to momos)

Mini blizzard

Snowed under… literally!

The breakfast in this hotel was much nicer I must say. We had a long journey back to Tbilisi ahead of us. But not before we had tried the Bakuriani cable car. The entire stretch is divided into 2 segments. The second part was temporarily closed that morning due to heavy winds and we could only cover the 1st stretch.

Training starts at a very early age

we hopped into our little cable car and gawped at the snow-covered peaks all around us the ascent began. What we now realized was that we had a duty to perform by constantly talking to our guide as a distraction since she was acrophobic(that’s┬áfear of heights for you n me).┬áSo it was very important that she doesn’t freak out as that would freak us out. After a very quick photo shoot, we warmed ourselves in a quiet little coffee shop before the descent.

Didveli ski cafe

Old is gold

The below gallery has snow and skit overload ­čÖé