Shooting Garlic

still life photography

This week I chose garlic and here is how I did it..

  • Natural lighting ( diffused via white muslin cloth and frosted glass)
  • White foam board as reflector
  • Drying stand as table
  • Coloured paper (brown and black) as backdrops
  • Canon 450D mounted with Sigma 17-70mm
  • Neewer LCD Shutter Release Control
  • A tripod

Garlic Still life photographystill life photography
In these shots the backdrop was placed right next to the window where the sunlight was diffused by white cloth which was coming from the back of the subject and the white board was placed behind the camera as a reflector.  I tried two different arrangements with camera aligned in the same level of the subject, I think this angle beautifully defines the shape

Still life photography- Garlic
Garlic still life photography
These two shots are from a birds-eye angle for which I placed the backdrop on the floor and camera tilted right on top. Reflector was placed on the left to reduce hard shadows.

Garlic, still life photography

Garlic still life photography
The light for this shot was from the left and the camera was placed at an 45* angle, the reflector was placed on the right hand side.

Black & white Garlic
Garlic with frosted glass background

Here the subject was backlit where the sunlight was diffused by frosted window. The camera was placed in an angle below the level of the subject as I wanted to see the light travel through the garlic skin. For this session there was no major post processing just the basic tweaks.

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