A day at Kuwait Zoo

The man who works tirelessly to keep the animals cool Feeding time Wandering in loneliness Nest- under construction Not all the creatures are forced to be in the zoo All ... Read More

The Fog

This morning,as a heavy fog carpet lay through out the 7th Ring road in Kuwait,nothing could deter me and my friends for some bird photography. The visibility was near zero.However … Read More

Dream series

I am loving this genre and trying to explore the inner beauty which is being often over looked.. πŸ™‚

The feral cats of Kuwait

This post is in the hope of poisoning these stray cats will soon stop in Kuwait and people will discontinue killing these animals for fun & just to post them … Read More

Back to square one

By the way I am in to Instagram (yep..Another portal to share photos) I know some of you must be thinking β€œdude… come on, seriously? Welcome to 2010- keep up … Read More

Man of Steel (wool)

This is a sequel of the last post. After shooting some twinkle twinkle little stars and hogging on few plates of briyani (Yes! biriyani we can’t imagine a late night … Read More

A Starry Night

After two years I got another opportunity to visit the desert during the new moon. Thanks to our little group of friends πŸ™‚ This time the location was Abdaly desert … Read More

The down town, Kuwait

Here I have a collection of shots shot during the golden hour/blue hour, what really made me go out and shoot this evening was those clouds.

Sunrise at Fintas

Fintas beach sunrise on different days.. And will be visiting again πŸ™‚