Climbing Mount Apo

Recently, I have been focusing my energy on creating videos, some might call it a mid-life crisis 🙂 I will be back with blogging at some point until then enjoy … Read More

The Wild game

One of the wildest game days of Ngorongoro national parks’s history

The wedding band

When you are walking through the streets of Banaras you  have to be prepared for all sorts of surprises. I was heading towards Dashashvamedh ghat to witness the famous Ganga … Read More

Irkaya Farm, Qatar

If you are in Qatar and interested in nature, bird watching, or wildlife I am pretty much sure you must have heard a lot about Irkaya / Irkhaya farm. I … Read More

Anjengo Fort

If you are in Thiruvanthapuram and craving a quiet get away this fort could be the answer. Basically now this fort is a well maintained park surrounded by tall walls which was built … Read More

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Without a shadow of doubt I could easily say that this mosque is one of THE best architectural marvels I have ever witnessed. Here are some shots from the recent visit and few … Read More

Nungu- Sugar palm

This post is a tribute to one of my all time favorite fruit “Nungu” (Asian palmyra palm, toddy palm, or sugar palm).The palm tree is synonymous to the state of … Read More

Tutucorin Salt pans

I have been to Tutucorin, Tamil nadu couple of times but never had an opportunity to stop and observe how the salt has been cultivated. When my friend offered to … Read More

Dhaka by the night

Had an opportunity to experience the streets of Dhaka with some local friends who helped me find the hidden gems of the capital which would have been impossible to spot … Read More

A day at Kuwait Zoo

The man who works tirelessly to keep the animals cool Feeding time Wandering in loneliness Nest- under construction Not all the creatures are forced to be in the zoo All ... Read More