Nepal and its people

Even though Nepal is considered trekkers paradise this series will not include any trekking. Simply because I haven’t done any. (And also because it was a family trip ) Visiting Nepal was one of those impulse decisions again where we had to keep things as simple as possible. As you know travelling with a young family has its own challenges.

The Nepal series starts off with what makes it linger on to my memory the most-Its people. Extremely friendly and helpful with a massive heart.

Aerial  shot of the spot where river Bishnumati meets the river Bagmati

Landing in Colourful Kathmandu

Sadhus of Mankamna temple waiting for devotees

Weaving at 4600 ft- Sunrise point Pokhara

Onlookers at Davis falls

Communal cooking -ladies preparing some amazing buff ‘ momos at Durbar square

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