Getting closer to Gunung Gede

It was not just the grand landscape that was fascinating at Gunung Gede, but where ever we stopped for a break there were plenty of interesting subjects to be photographed. I … Read More

Hike up Gunung Gede

When you wake up to this view after a long wonderful journey, one couldn’t have asked for a better start. As planned the local guide Kaman arrived at the tent … Read More

Jakarta to Cibodas

I had about 3 mountains in my list to hike in Indonesia during the 5 days visit. As always, I wanted to get a local opinion and the best possible … Read More

The summit – Table Mountain

Each and every hike is always rewarded with amazing views from the summit and along the way, Table mountain is no exception. This flat topped mountain has a lot more to offer with astonishing … Read More

Hike up to Table mountain

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Carthew Alderson Trail

Carthew Alderson trail is considered as one of the best hikes in Waterton lakes National park. This is a one way trail, a shuttle bus operated by Tamarrack outfitters dropped … Read More

Rowe Tamarac trail

We decided to hike Rowe lake trail as it was considered as one of the short and scenic hikes at Waterton national park. I was under the impression that this … Read More