Banarasi paan

Banaras is popular for many things but Paan is synonymous to this place as cheesecake to New York or maple syrup to Canada..There is no street without a paan stall. … Read More

The tree temple

From a distance this tree reminded me of  the “Hometree” from the movie Avatar. Just one massive tree in the middle of the field. I took a slight detour to explore further and … Read More

The wedding catering

After interacting with the band I walked towards the busiest corner of the ground with the biggest possible smile. A make shift kitchen. I was in my comfort zone. This was it! The … Read More

The wedding band

When you are walking through the streets of Banaras you  have to be prepared for all sorts of surprises. I was heading towards Dashashvamedh ghat to witness the famous Ganga … Read More

Around the confluence of Varuna and Ganges

The trip to one of  the world’s oldest cities was really special in many ways. In general I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly vibe that the city had to offer.