Jakarta to Cibodas

I had about 3 mountains in my list to hike in Indonesia during the 5 days visit. As always, I wanted to get a local opinion and the best possible … Read More

Banarasi paan

Banaras is popular for many things but Paan is synonymous to this place as cheesecake to New York or maple syrup to Canada..There is no street without a paan stall. … Read More

Dhaka by the night

Had an opportunity to experience the streets of Dhaka with some local friends who helped me find the hidden gems of the capital which would have been impossible to spot … Read More

Lau Pa Sat & Satay Street

Since the day we landed I wanted to taste the world famous Singaporean “Laksa”. Who better to ask than the local taxi driver right?He mentioned that  his favorite place was a … Read More