Kadalai Mittai

The Kadalai mittai / peanut brittle (bit chunkier) is really close to my heart as it is connected to loads of memories during my years spent at Kovilpatti. This town … Read More

Pumpkin Caramels

This year I wanted to try something different along with the seasonal pumpkin pie and as a result made some Caramels 🙂 after tasting this salty sweet goodies I want … Read More

Pumpkin Pie

After spending quite some time in London, I realised people there take their pies often too seriously.This one for example-though not as popular as in the United States was still … Read More


I am simply beginning to post the stuffs which are my favorites. Chocothins are one of those things if you taste once it’s really hard to resist.  It’s loaded with … Read More

Tropical cherry dream slice

Beautifully light sponge layered with silky smooth buttercream and cherry filling, which is covered with a generous amount of buttercream and golden toasted coconut flakes.