Carthew Alderson Trail

Carthew Alderson trail is considered as one of the best hikes in Waterton lakes National park. This is a one way trail, a shuttle bus operated by Tamarrack outfitters dropped … Read More

The red rock falls

This is the last part of our 1st hike. (Part 1, Part 2 ) The Red-rock falls (or that’s what I would like to call it) is situated at the beginning of … Read More

Rowe Tamarac trail

We decided to hike Rowe lake trail as it was considered as one of the short and scenic hikes at Waterton national park. I was under the impression that this … Read More

The Prince of Wales Hotel

As we entered the Waterton national park, we drove past the amazing castle like Prince of Wales Hotel. At the very moment we decided to take a U turn for … Read More