Travel: Who on earth does not like travelling!

I love travelling. Remote and least visited places attract me. It’s always the “No Itinerary” way of travel that has led me to capture the most interesting shots that I cherish.



 Capture: Hareesh-clicks! Could it be any more obvious?

Of course, I love photography and get lost for words to fit it into the hobby/passion/obsession category. I chose this art form to express my thought process.

Do I do justice with my photos of that particular moment is a different question altogether.

Here on this site, I am trying to showcase a story/document an event I found interesting. I don’t consider myself inclining towards a specific genre of photography.

I enjoy street photography and portraits, however, most of my pics tend to have the food photography element too.

I use different tools to shoot whichever is readily available – DSLR, Mirrorless full frame or the mighty mobile phone camera… well does that even matter these days?


Food: Baking the world a better place.

I am a Baker/Pastry chef by profession.

With a professional background of 20+ years, travelling plays a dual role by letting me experience local cuisines and then experiment with it once back home.

I am always surrounded by good food. If you closely observe my posts, it usually has some connection with food. Consciously/Subconsciously I end up doing it.


 Share: Sharing is caring, isn’t it??

One of the primary reasons for creating this website is to share my findings and experience. If you need any particular detail in a post, please shout out.

I do appreciate your thoughts and criticisms. Pen them down in the comments section will ya’.

Thanks for your time.

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